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Logo & Certificate



For the purpose of our Carboneutralife website, we decided to design a custom-made logo that reflects all the values we wish to communicate and spread in connection to environmental issues.

These principles are responsibility, sustainability and transparency. With the logo, we are creating a visual experience and awakening a sense of common engagement to protect planet Earth.

The expression “conservation of the planet” is set in the center of the viewer’s attention, as our lives strictly depend on the way we treat and care for our planet. Thus, the icon of the planet became the focal point of the entire logo. An ellipse of leaves representing life embracing the planet surrounds the planet. The concept of “life” is also highlighted by using different colors in the name of the brand “Carboneutralife”. The leaves are facing upwards as a sign of constant growth and development. The logo should be clearly understandable and easy to recognize. Therefore, we decided on a compact and clear design, using naturally fresh colours: green, light blue, and white.

Carboneutralife is a synonym for a reality free of carbon emissions and pollution, where people are aware of their climate change impact and tend to improve everyday coexistence by leading eco-friendly lives.

Consequently, the slogan For a greener future perfectly matches our logo.



When designing the certificate we were following the ideology behind the logo. The graphic design aims to give added value for the purchase of carbon credits through our website and stimulates a feeling of prestige as the certificate rewards the conscious decision of an individual to offset emissions and therefore contribute to the conservation of planet Earth.

Each certificate includes: your name and surname, how many carbon credits you have bought, which project you chose for the offset, and when the offset was made.


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