Average CO2e footprint for 38.955,64 lbs - What's yours?

Event offset

Have you recently organized a celebratory party or event like a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, etc.? Event offset will compensate the carbon footprint for the whole party by choosing Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERs) from the available list.

Nowadays, even the smallest occasion is a cause for celebration. The emissions generated by organizing a party depends on the number of participants and the number of days of the event.

With the Event offset product you will become a conscious partier and enjoy making a positive impact with your eco-friendly attitude.


Offset your event

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* Please note that the lowest purchase available through this website is 1 tonne (2.204,62 lbs) of CO2e. Thus, if your result is lower than 1 tonne, it will be rounded up in a next step. For more information please refer to our T&C and FAQ sections.

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