Average CO2e footprint for 38.955,64 lbs - What's yours?


With Gift product you can make a carbon footprint offset on behalf of somebody you care for. You can choose one of the predefined gift value and make a compensation with CERs carbon offsets for this person. He or she will also receive a certificate of carbon neutrality sent by email.

We all create pollution and add to global warming. Our everyday habits and activities cause a lot of damage to the environment. With a carbon offset Gift, your gift recipient will enter into the path of a greener life thanks to you.

It can be for birthday, wedding, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… There are so many occasions to make somebody else happier and more eco.

So are you ready to make a change?

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Select value of your gift, then enter your gift recipient's details. Don’t forget to leave a short message to your gift receiver!

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