Average CO2e footprint for 38.955,64 lbs - What's yours?

Flight offset

The Flight offset product enables you to compensate your plane trip by length of your flight. Just select the best option for you, then choose Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERs) from among the climate project’s portfolio and complete the offset.

Flying significantly affects our planet in a negative way. It generates a huge amount of greenhouse gases, much more than traveling by car or train.

With the Flight offset product you compensate the exact emissions of a flight you have recently taken. Your carbon footprint is reduced and you return a favor to planet Earth.

Become a carbon neutral flyer!

Offset your flight

Select flight length, continue to prices and offset emissions of your flight with CER units from one of the projects.

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* Please note that the lowest purchase available through this website is 1 tonne (2.204,62 lbs) of CO2e. Thus, if your result is lower than 1 tonne, it will be rounded up in a next step. For more information please refer to our T&C and FAQ sections.

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