Average CO2e footprint for 38.955,64 lbs - What's yours?

Couple’s package

The Couple’s package is ideal for all romantic souls who also care about the environment. Let’s offset the carbon footprint of your trips and dinners with Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERs) coming from carefully selected climate projects.

By compensating the carbon footprint of greenhouse gas emissions for you and for your significant other you double your positive effort against global warming.

Go for the Couple’s package to offset the average annual carbon footprint for both of you.

Become a carbon neutral couple!

Offset annual emissions of you and your loved one

Select the country you live in, go to our projects portfolio and offset carbon footprint as a couple.

Please note that with your subscription, no payment will be deducted from you without your previous consent. We will only contact you in the selected period to remind you about your commitment to a carbon footprint offset.

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