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You create CO2e emissions with your everyday activities. Featured climate projects, on the other hand, reduce CO2e emissions and receive carbon credits in the amount of achieved emission reductions. By purchasing and canceling carbon credits you offset your carbon footprint and contribute to the feasibility of climate projects. All the credits we provide for your carbon footprint compensation come from Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects approved internationally under the United Nations body (UNFCCC), with a main goal of contributing to sustainable progress in developing countries. Check your carbon impact and become carbon neutral now!

Currently we have the projects listed below available for you. Choose one and make your carbon footprint offset with CER carbon credits which come directly from this project! Your contribution will be rewarded with a certificate of carbon neutrality.


Bangkok Kamphaeng Saen East: Landfill Gas to Electricity Project

A Landfill Gas project, which uses a renewable source of energy to generate electricity in Nakhon Pathom Province of the Kingdom of Thailand.

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CFL lighting scheme – “Bachat Lamp Yojana”

The distribution of Compact Fluorescent Lamps among households in the Ranga Reddy District of India helps to save electricity and reduce power losses as well as CO2 emissions.

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Monte Rosa Bagasse Cogeneration Project (MRBCP)

An energy generation project from the biomass residue of sugarcane called bagasse. The project implementation is situated in Chinandega, Nicaragua.

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Ningxia Tianjing Shenzhou 30.6MW Wind-farm Project

A renewable electricity project with the aim of installing wind turbines in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China and thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the district.

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BRT Zhengzhou, China

The establishment of well-organized, rapid and cost-effective public transport lines is crucial for China. This Bus Rapid Transit system is located in the city of Zhengzhou.

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Aerial view of the Bujagali Hydropower Project_Matthias Mugisha

Bujagali Hydropower Project

This project’s main goal is to create a hydropower plant placed in the Jinja Discrict of Uganda and thus guarantee lower power prices and minimize power shortages in the country.

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Bekasi Power CCPP project

An energy sources project which aims to reduce Indonesian dependence on coal power generation and switch to a natural gas source. Located in the Indonesian village of Tanjung Sari.

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